is an interior design studio. 

we offer interior design and advice for cafés, restaurants, offices, campervans, private residencies and everything in between.

our dream briefings include:
- design a space using only our best thrift store finds. 
- design a space using primary colours combined with black and white.
- design a space with a swimming pool (and then live in it).

but feel free to contact us for any other assignment.


We believe the best interiors are always the ones that come together through someone's personal style. We encourage you to make your own living space feel like a home. However if you're stuck with your color palette, floor-plan, lighting, or planning your renovation?  We can help you by coming to your space and talk through your struggles and find solutions. We’ve done this many times and we’re pretty sure we can help you to make a well balanced, well thought of interior that fits you like a glove.

Price:  €220 (incl btw/vat) for two hours.


Do you need extra help or have a complicated space? We can offer a full design as well. A design we deliver always contains a moodboard with a material and color palette, a floor-plan and a visualisation of the design. This visualisation can comprise either a full 3d built space (usually for bathrooms), digital drawings, or a productboard collage.

The price of the design is billed as a set fee and dependent on the space and assignment. After the design is approved, we can provide additional production service (ordering products, getting things made, etc) for an hourly rate of  €47,- per hour (excl vat/btw)

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