Vigics part 2

For fast growing post -production company Vigics we were asked to create the interior for an editing suite where they can invite clients. 

To fulfill all of the needs and wishes for this space, we designed a custom made desk with tv standard attached. This way the working space of the editor is neatly tucked away from the viewers perspective, but the editor is still in contact with the client. We used a super comfy 80’s white leather sofa designed by Rolf Benz, which perfectly complements the red artifort ‘Ben’ chairs. We promised an old lady to take good care of her giant Yucca which outgrew its space at her house. The sunny space can be made completely dark for the ultimate viewing experience with the velvet bluegrey curtains. When the editing suite is not in use it functions as an informal meeting room and extra work desk.

Pictures by Jurre Rompa

Peaking through to the other space

Stefanie <3

Behind the telly there are 2 work spaces for the editors, one on each side. 

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